coltan mining and mt gorrilas

Posted on February 18, 2019

Illegal mining hits Congo gorilla population: conservationists - ReutersApr 6, 2016 . The world's largest gorilla sub-species has seen its population fall 77 percent over the past two decades, a trend linked to illegal mining for coltan, a key mineral used in the production of cell phones and electronics, a new report has found.coltan mining and mt gorrilas,Gorillas, smartphones and coltan mining: children's author Gill Lewis .Sep 14, 2015 . Bestselling children's author Gill Lewis reveals how modern smartphones connect us all to the fate of the gorilla in the Democratic Republic of Congo and tal.

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Gorillas are being hunted, killed and eaten by miners in the Congo .

Jul 12, 2016 . Fewer than 4000 Grauer's gorillas remain and the sub-species is being pushed to extinction by hungry miners. . Grauer's gorillas, which can weigh up to 400 pounds, are closely related to the better-known mountain gorilla. As they live mostly on the ground and in relatively large groups, they can be easily.

coltan mining and mt gorrilas,

Ethically sourced iPhones are ruining the Congo. Go see the gorillas .

Dec 6, 2014 . The United Nations estimates that up to three-quarters of coltan sourced from the DRC is mined and sold illegally—meaning outside the international . Like the eastern Congo, Virunga National Park is home to an incredibly rare, highly precious natural resource: the critically endangered mountain gorilla.

Is Your Smartphone Killing Gorillas? | HuffPost

Jun 6, 2016 . There are four gorilla subspecies, the Western lowland gorilla, the (Western) Cross River gorilla, the (Eastern) Mountain gorilla, and the Eastern lowland or . Those gorillas in the Congo are specifically threatened by the mining of this material called coltan, which is needed for making smartphones.

Gorillas, smartphones and coltan mining: children's author Gill Lewis .

Sep 14, 2015 . Bestselling children's author Gill Lewis reveals how modern smartphones connect us all to the fate of the gorilla in the Democratic Republic of Congo and tal.

Bush-Meat, Mining, Timber Trades Endangering Congo Gorillas - Time

Mar 26, 2010 . A mountain gorilla sits in vegetation in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, on the border of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda . timber, gold, diamonds and coltan, the mineral used in electronics like cell phones, and the scramble to get at those minerals has been joined by ragtag militias,.

Gorillas massacred and driven to extinction - all for the sake of our .

Feb 2, 2017 . The animals are being poached for bushmeat by militia groups and miners digging for an ore called coltan used in mobile phones. . The spread of logging and farming into the mountain forest further reduces the gorillas' ability to roam freely. These apes are the most threatened of the four gorilla.

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on mountain gorillas. The mining for this mineral has destroyed the habitat of the rare, critically endangered Eastern Lowland mountain gorilla through forest clearance for timber to build camps, firewood and for ease of access to the forest floor. The streams and rivers of the forest have been polluted by the wash off from the.

Why Our Cellphones Are Killing Gorillas and what we can do to stop it

Oct 31, 2016 . The average life of a smart phone is 14 months when we trade it in for a new one, the average life of a Mountain Gorilla is sometimes less than 14 months. . United Nations it was shown that the militia involved in the local civil war's in the Democratic Republic of the Congo make their money mining Coltan.

Australian miners back ethical supply of minerals as illegal mining in .

Sep 10, 2017 . 'Conflict minerals' like cobalt and coltan, which fuel civil unrest and destroy gorilla habitats in Africa, are giving Australian miners opportunity to provide ethically . Extracting 'conflict minerals' in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda means loss of endangered mountain and other gorillas and.

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Jan 10, 2011 . Eighty per cent of the world's reserves of coltan are found in the Congo. This same region is home to the mountain gorilla (Gorilla beringei beringei) and Grauer's gorilla (Gorilla beringei grauer - formerly known as the eastern lowland gorilla). As mining operations expand to meet escalating global demand.

Why one dead gorilla really doesn't matter…but could - Medium

Jun 2, 2016 . Along with links to poor working conditions and child labor, mining for coltan is killing thousands of gorillas mainly due to being hunted and killed for food because . The Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund (MGCF) works to protect these critically endangered animals, preserve their….saveagorilla.

The Gorilla Organization's Ian Redmond returns to the Congo's .

Feb 8, 2017 . Eastern lowland gorillas living in the park suffered a devastating decline as they were hunted for bushmeat and their habitats were destroyed by the miners and armed militias who control the trade in coltan ore, which is processed to produce tantalum. Coltan mining declined in response to the Durban.

coltan mining and mt gorrilas,

Cell Phones & Mining, new threats to Gorilla Populations .

Jul 16, 2006 . Currently, there are at most 120,000 gorillas total in all of Africa with Mountain and Cross River gorillas under 900 individuals. . Coltan is a mineral needed for cell phone production, and with the rise of cell phone technologies throughout the world — the mines in western Africa are pumping out tons of this.

Congo's gorillas and smartphone technology: A deadly link - CBC

Apr 6, 2016 . "There's lots of different parts in the Eastern Congo where you can find gold or a mineral called Columbo-Tantalite (also known as coltan), which is used . Plumptre says the gorillas are hunted as a way to feed the miners, "they're deep in the forest with no other source of food and the miners tend to rely on.

'Catastrophic' decline in Eastern lowland gorilla blamed on mining .

Oct 20, 2016 . The Eastern lowland gorilla, the world's greatest ape, has suffered a "catastrophic decline" in the restive Democratic Republic of Congo, blamed on . in artisanal mining sites controlled by armed militias deep in the forest, making a living from the DRC's rich reserves of minerals such as gold and coltan,.

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The area where Coltan is mined also contains National Parks, such as the Kahuzi Biega National Park, home of the mountain gorilla. In this park alone the gorilla population has been cut nearly in half. As well, poverty is caused by the displacement of local human populations by the miners and has lead to the gorillas being.

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Within the main area where Coltan is mined lies the Kahuzi Biega National Park, home of the highly endangered Mountain Gorilla. In recent years, the park's gorilla population has been cut nearly in half, as the ground is cleared to make mining easier. This practice has reduced the available food for the gorillas and.

coltan mining and mt gorrilas,

They're Calling on You | Zoo and Aquarium Association

Coltan is a metallic ore that is mined both in and out of Africa and can be found within many electronic devices such as mobile phones. The mining of coltan within the Congo River Basin is contributing to forest loss and unrest in the region, and is accelerating the loss of mountain gorillas at an alarmingly fast rate. You can.

Coltan Mining In The Congo: We All Have Blood In Our Hands .

Sep 10, 2011 . The Congo is well knows for its Silverback Gorillas and they are also one of the victims because the main area in which Coltan is mined, is in the Kahuzi-Biéga National Park. This park is home to the famouse Mountain Gorilla. Diane Fossey also started studied their life here, before she decided to leave for.

Why Hope Remains for Saving the World's Largest Gorillas

Apr 7, 2016 . Unlike mountain gorillas, which occupy the volcanic landscape at the intersection of the DRC, Uganda and Rwanda, this subspecies is restricted to the . One reason Grauer's gorilla numbers have declined so dramatically is an explosion in mining for columbo-tantalite, or coltan, and other minerals in the.

HSI campaigns to stop the slaughter of mountain gorillas - Humane .

Recycle your old mobile phone today and help to take the pressure off for increased mining. To learn more about how to donate your mobile click here. Coltan is a valuable mineral used in the manufacture of mobile phones but is mined from the mountain gorilla's forest home.The mining of coltan destroys the natural habitat.

Eastern Lowland Gorillas Are Now Critically Endangered Thanks to .

Oct 19, 2016 . The eastern lowland gorilla—the largest member of the great ape family—is now officially listed as a critically endangered species, according to data presented today by . A big part of this dramatic population decline has to do with mining operations that have caused the gorillas' habitat to shrink. Making.

Catastrophic collapse of Grauer's gorillas | WWF

Apr 4, 2016 . One of the primary causes of the decline in Grauer's gorilla numbers has been the expansion in artisanal mining for coltan and other minerals found in gorilla range. Most of these . Closely related to Grauer's gorillas, mountain gorillas are also found in eastern DRC, as well as Rwanda and Uganda.

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